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Post in #School
Personal Experience With School

Looking behind, I now realize how school is not made for everyone. Even though I'm what psychologists define as "gifted", I had the hardest time ever at school – had the worst grades and teachers were…

Post in #BePositive
Mastering Your Own Emotions 1

Situations can be overwhelming sometimes; if it's not one thing, it's another! When one problem is solved, another immediately presents itself as the next obstacle. Whether it's dealing with consequences,…

Post in #Relationships
Personality and Compatibility

*This post is partly an ode to my obvious obsession with personality types and compatibility* Some studies suggest that it takes between 90 seconds to 4 minutes to decide if we are interested in someone.…

Post in #Depression
Crying on the inside

One thing this world needs to know is that just because someone is smiling doesn't mean a person is happy. They can be the most upset, angry, and depressed person you have ever seen on the inside. Sometimes…

Post in #RealTalk
Feeling different .. so ..

Have you ever asked yourself if you are different .. what if you are ??You have different thoughts, music taste or clothes . So should you feel bad about that ? of course not but what about the others…

Post in #LDR
Long distance relationship advice

Being in a long distance relationship or what they call LDR isn't something that you gotta play with. There are still some people who are pretty much serious to it. Loving someone so much but he/she is…

Post in #Relationships
Make It Happen

Being in a relationship is so much adorable and so much loving. It really feels great when you know there is someone beside you appreciating even you littlest efforts, correcting unconditionally your…

Post in #School
Lets talk about school

Yes, school is very very hard and stressful, but don't you dare let test grades, and exams, or subjects define who you are as a person. okay maybe you dont know that answer, but that doesn't mean you're…

Post in #BePositive
Thinking More Positively

Our brain is a powerful tool that too many of us don't use for our benefit. Your more likely to think negatively before you'll think positively about any various situation. Here is where you can take…

Post in #SafeSex
10 Things I Promise to Do Better

When I was a teenager (no too long ago),  I always felt extremely embarrassed when the topic of sex came up while around my mom, even if it was just a kissing scene in a movie. Heck! I'm now an adult,…

Post in #BePositive
My story, My lesson

Growing up I always saw myself as being one of those kids who didn't really fit in. I went to an all white school ,so I felt kinda left out I've always been the friendliest person ,accepting towards…

Post in #Depression
The Brighter Side

Life is painful and messed up sometimes. It gets complicated at the worst of times, and sometimes you have no idea where to go or what to do. A lot of times people just let themselves get lost, dropping…