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Work Relationships
$20 / 7d. While you can choose the workplace you want to work at, most times you…
Coping with Depression
$50 / 7d. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed dealing with your problems by yourself?…
Mental Health
Mental Health Support
$10 / 7d. This is a safe space to communicate openly about your current mental health…
Change your perspective
$30 / 7d. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" From…
Stop smoking now!
$20 / 7d. The tobacco addiction is one of the most wide-spreaded addictions nowadays.…
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Absolutely brilliant application that fills a very much needed hole in the digital landscape.
Mike Staines
This is a truly lovely way to connect & give + receive support :)
Gabriela Amundarain
I’ve only just started, but already loving it. This is such a great app with an amazing message.
Briana Hedgepeth
How you help here is amazing. How you communicate and hear from the people.
Antoine Lami
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