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Jessica Dicdican

I am a registered nurse with master’s degree in Nursing specializing in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. I am currently a nursing professor for almost 9 years now and is handling students exposed in the Psychiatric Ward

Disclaimer : Services provided by Jessica Dicdican via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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  • After the completion of the entire course, you will:

  • - develop a more positive outlook in life

  • - excel in your class or work

  • - improve your relationships

  • - be more confident

  • - have a clutter-free mindset

Unleashing the power of positivity to transform your life from distress to bliss. You create your own destiny by choosing to be grateful and positive 

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Count Your Blessings
Gratitude is key to attracting happiness and good things to our life. If we are grateful to anything no matter how small it may seem, you are on your way to genuine happiness. Here, I will guide you in assessing yourself and identifying the wonderful things you already have in your life and be very grateful for them. ?

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Believe that You Can and You Will
“Whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve.” In this course, I will help you gain the confidence and determination to achieve whatever it is that you want to accomplish. We’ll plan and work out stategies that can bring forth success in your chosen endeavor. ?

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