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Lisa De Regt

Hello and thank you for reaching my page! I'm a psychotherapist that has been working for 4 years in psychotherapy. I aim to provide tailored guidance to your specific areas of concern to bring back more balance into your life! I am experienced in many areas of mental health including career issues, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and so many more. I am positive and enthusiastic with a huge passion for people and life in general. In my spare time, I am a yoga fanatic, I love hiking and surrounded by nature.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Lisa De Regt via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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29 years old
Key Benefits
  • A Greater Understanding of you!

  • Enhanced Mental Health

  • A happier outlook

  • New perspectives

  • Goal Setting

  • Enhanced Relationships with yourself and others!


In this plan, I’ll provide you a safe space to openly discuss your issues in life surrounding fear and anxiety. We will work at your own pace with YOU in mind! Included in the plan: Breathing Exercises, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques, Mindfulness, Reflection and Question time.

I have come to realise that fear holds us back in many areas and even in some that we are unaware of. My aim is to empower you to process your thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment whilst working through techniques to target fear and anxiety. Perhaps you’re anxious at work and you need extra support then this is for you!

I work using the person centred approach and I combine this with cognitive behavioural therapy. It is aimed to discover your needs and goals for therapy. 

What you will receive:

• A plan tailored to easing fear specially written with experience and attention to care.

• Fear and Anxiety based practical techniques to use at home or at work! After the course you can ask me any questions you wish and you can also request a more tailored approach at the end of the course too which will be specifically tailored to your own individual needs.  

for Free User

This material is only accessible for 1 day.

1 Day Fear and Anxiety Technique
I will teach you how to use a breathing and meditation exercise

for Paid User

This material will be available for 7 days. But you can still review it once it ends.

7 Day Self-Help Exercises easing fear and anxiety
Techniques and further understanding of how fear and anxiety can sometimes effect our lives.
Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from this plan?

You can expect detailed and compassionate support. We will work together alongside your concerns and goals.

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