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Stefi Daskalopoulou

I have always been passionate about the development of people and becoming a Life Coach and Business Psychologist have definitely brought me closer to my passion. In my free time I love to practice yoga, meditation and being close to nature as I feel more connected to my self.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Stefi Daskalopoulou via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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27 years old

While you can choose the workplace you want to work at, most times you cannot choose the people with whom you will work with. 

Usually we meet all types of different people in our working environments. With some of them we might have more positive relationships and with some others we might have more difficult relationships where the communication will be harder.

This can include either colleagues, bosses or clients and in general any people we are dealing with in our everyday working life. 

If you are feeling anxiety, discomfort or negativity regarding people you are working with and this affects your mood at work as well as performance, this course can help in making your everyday life at work more functional. 

Using business psychology and coaching tools this course will help you in finding effective ways to deal with any difficult work relationship by improving communication and also increasing self awareness so that you can handle such situations in practical ways. 


for Free User

This material is only accessible for 1 day.

Acknowledging the situation
In the first day of this course we will address the situation in more detail and see how difficult work relationships affect us.

for Paid User

This material will be available for 7 days. But you can still review it once it ends.

Dealing with difficult relationships at work
In the following days of this course we will analyse the emotions that this situation is causing the person to feel by using coaching tools and then we will discuss ways with which such situations can be dealt with by also improving self awareness and self development.
Frequently Asked Questions

What will I gain from this plan?

This plan will focus on giving you a deeper understanding of the issue and an increased self awareness in order to be able to deal with difficult relationships at work without getting much affected.

Why should I use this plan?

This plan can be used when you feel that there are people in your working environment (i.e managers, colleagues, clients etc.) who prevent your psychological wellbeing as well as performance. As Instawell plans can be used anonymously, this gives the desired privacy to discuss such matters in complete secrecy.

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