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Deboleena Dey

Final year postgraduate student pursuing Masters in Psychological Counselling, and equipped with skills to deal with issues at hand. Confidentiality and client's best interest are of utmost importance.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Deboleena Dey via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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Often thoughts are the major reason for an individual to behave the way they do. Thus, our actions are the results of our thoughts and beliefs. Changing the way one thinks brings about a big change in their behavior and the way they feel about themselves and others too.

With me, learn to identify your thoughts, figure out the causes or experiences in the past that lead to these thoughts, and how to deal with these thoughts more effectively for smoother functioning.

I believe that by being aware of one's thoughts, beliefs and emotions, one can deal with their problems more effectively.

Thus, I am here to offer my services to those in need.

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Know what you are thinking
With conscious effort we will try to understand the thoughts which are leading to the problems you are facing.

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Identify-Find cause-Deal with your problems (For example, fear)
1. Identify your fear and the feared object or situation 2. Find the cause for the fear - past experiences, assumptions, etc. 3. Deal with the thoughts that lead to the fear, thus getting rid of the fear.

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