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Deboleena Dey

Final year postgraduate student pursuing Masters in Psychological Counselling, and equipped with skills to deal with issues at hand. Confidentiality and client's best interest are of utmost importance.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Deboleena Dey via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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Key Benefits
  • 1. Better understanding of self

  • 2. Having effective relationship with others

  • 3. Better understanding of how to deal with conflicts

  • 4. Looking at the problems from a different perspective


In today's world, we face a number of problems when it comes to relationships, such as, misunderstandings, taking one for granted, conflicts and so on.. 

Here, in this program, we will work together to identify the problem, the root cause of it and how to handle it better together..

Are you willing to have a better relationship? Be it at work, home or school, doesn't matter.. 

We will figure it out together.. 

Feel free to drop in a message

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Understanding the problem
Making each other comfortable - knowing in details about the issue - trying to find out the problem - plan for the next session

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This material will be available for 7 days. But you can still review it once it ends.

Working on the problem in-depth
Once we have an understanding of the problem, we will find the root cause of it and then based on that try to find out a way we can go about dealing with the problem.

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