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Brian Foreman

Brian is an Organizational Psychologist that specializes in emotional intelligence and human motivational factors. He's also taught both online and on ground in the field of psychology as well as having worked as a crisis counselor. Brian is married with three children.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Brian Foreman via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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Did you know that you don't have to be liked by everyone? Why do we try so hard then?  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is understanding how you interpret what's said to you and how what you say to others is interpreted.

In our conversations you'll get an introduction to EQ and how to use it to your advantage in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence is quickly becoming a priority in the workplace for leadership positions. Let's start the conversation and understanding of EQ. 

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What is EQ?
In our day together you get an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and why it's a driving force in today's organizations.

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the Workplace
In our chats you'll gain an understanding of your EQ and how to measure it. We'll go deeper into understanding why you react to certain situations based on your EQ and how to better your position in your organization by using EQ. Overall you'll discover why EQ is a factor organizations are looking for in individuals and how to improve yours.

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