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Brian Foreman

Brian is an Organizational Psychologist that specializes in emotional intelligence and human motivational factors. He's also taught both online and on ground in the field of psychology as well as having worked as a crisis counselor. Brian is married with three children.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Brian Foreman via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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If you work in the service industry, (retail, waiting tables, sales), then you know the phrase "The customer is always right". That's not always true. In this course you'll learn how to listen to your customers and how to use communication techniques specific to your industry to create a better and possibly more profitable workplace. 

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You can't listen with your mouth open
Are you a good listener or do you talk over your customers leading to the impression that you're providing poor customer service. We'll take the time to evaluate your skills and offer suggestions for improvement.

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Smile to increase profits
Whether you work in a retail setting or work for tips they way your present to your customers makes a difference. In this course we'll discuss skills such as active listening, smiling when you don't want to, and learning how to "flick the switch" once you enter the workplace.

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