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What are Plans

Plans are premium chats with certified professionals and focused on your personal goals.

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Get Well Together
Sync Your Love Life + Finances
$50 / 7d. Couples don't fight about finances because of money itself. They argue…
Coping with Depression
$50 / 7d. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed dealing with your problems by yourself?…
Mental Health
Overcoming Everyday Stress
$10 / 7d. Today, we all live in a very busy world full of responsabiliites, deadlines,…
Change your perspective
$30 / 7d. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" From…
Work / Life Balance for New Mothers
$10 / 7d. The transition into work after having a baby is a challenging one! In…
What we offer

A platform for verified professionals to help people achieve their goals.

E-commerce. We manage your sales, customers and analytics.

Convenient. Chat from your favorite device with our native apps.

Turnaround. Be rewarded for your quick response times.

How you can help

Create usable plans here. We sell them everywhere.

Work apps. Customers can chat with you without leaving their desks.

Chat apps. Your plans are available to users of many popular chat apps.

Widgets & API. Use our widgets to serve your customers on your own website.

Absolutely brilliant application that fills a very much needed hole in the digital landscape.
Mike Staines
This is a truly lovely way to connect & give + receive support :)
Gabriela Amundarain
I’ve only just started, but already loving it. This is such a great app with an amazing message.
Briana Hedgepeth
How you help here is amazing. How you communicate and hear from the people.
Antoine Lami
How to price

Customers buy plans that connect them to you for 7 days. Set your own price.


1 Day

Let our community discover you, your method and personality.

  • Free Trial sessions
  • 24 hours Chat for upto 1 day
  • Help first Create real connections

7 Days

Empower your customer to overcome an identified problem.

  • $10-$50 Price your week
  • 7 days Chat for upto 7 days
  • Tactical Solution for a real problem
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