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Kelsey Ruffing

I am currently a licensed professional counselor in the state of Illinois and have 4 years of clinical experience. I am also currently working on my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in Chicago. I have a special interest in health, chronic pain, and chronic illness.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Kelsey Ruffing via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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Chronic stress is a detriment to our health and well being. This plan introduces you to mindfulness and walks you through how to implement and practice mindfulness to reduce stress levels and cultivate happiness and positivity.

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Combat Chronic Stress with Mindfulness
In this full plan, multiple modalities of mindfulness are introduced to help combat chronic stress and increase positivity and well-being. In this 1 day trial, a 3-minute body scan and a brief overview of mindfulness are introduced. Cultivate awareness and learn to be present here.

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Combat Chronic Stress with Mindfulness
Learn how to decrease your chronic stress using multiple modalities of mindfulness. Mindfulness can increase positivity, happiness, gratitude and overall well-being. Stress causes illness, poor memory and concentration and even depression.

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