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Annette Miller

Annette is a formally educated psychotherapist and holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology (University of Louisville, 2016). Under the supervision of Clinical Psychologists, she completed nearly 200 hours of therapy and assessment with real clients during her training in Louisville. Annette is also a published researcher, has presented research at three international conferences, and is an authority on the role of finances in relationships. Her master's thesis explored how therapists can deepen relationships with their clients using using awareness and connection. Disclaimer: Services provided by Annette via Instawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling, or marriage and family therapy.

Disclaimer : Services provided by Annette Miller via Intawell do not constitute psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical care, counseling or marriage and family therapy.

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Couples don't fight about finances because of money itself. They argue because it's symbolic, vaguely subconscious, and emotional. I use a cutting-edge methodology based on behavioral science and techniques from multiple disciplines to enrich your relationship and financial life. 


Key Benefits

  • understand your partner 
  • reduce stress 
  • strengthen the relationship
  • ask questions about money 
  • identify resources  
  • increase mindfulness 


About Annette

  • formally trained psychotherapist (Counseling Psychology masters)
  • authority on finances in romantic relationships
  • professional personal finance writer 
  • published researcher on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy


Key Skills

  • Relationship Enrichment & Assessment  
    Identifying opportunities for deeper connection via shared values   

  • Behavior Therapy & Analysis
    Helping clients identify patterns and change everyday financial habits
  • Personal Finance Management 
    Defining financial goals which express the couple's shared values  

  • Multicultural Competency   
    Understanding critical factors in building trust with clients of color, LGBTQ community, religious or ethnoracial minorities 

  • Mental Health Specialist Recommendations
    Providing tailored recommendations for finding a subject matter expert in your area

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